The Islands of the South Seas


The Islands of the South Seas

  1. Introduction
  2. The Islands
  3. Independence
  4. Economy
  5. Conflicts
The Islands of the South Seas
In the 1960s. British possessions gained independence. By the time they have long been subsidized, and especially worry about the strategic greatness in London is no longer collected. However, the Islanders for independence is also not sought. In most cases, London and Canberra them this independence just imposed, but in some places the islanders were able to defend their "right to the relationship."

French territories, the largest of which are New Caledonia and Tahiti (officially - French Polynesia) The situation is quite the opposite. And in Tahiti and New Caledonia, there is a movement for independence, but Paris to provide this independence is not going to. Significant role in this play Gallic great-claim, but there are other reasons. First, in contrast to the former British territories, where people from the metropolis almost was not, in the French possessions significant part of the population is white settlers (in New Caledonia, they are now the majority). Secondly, on the atoll is Muroroa French nuclear test site, in recent times, however, dormant.

Finally, on American soil, most of which are considered autonomous states, there is no movement for independence, nor the desire to provide such. Most of the islands are too important for the US military, and their strategic value justifies the generous subsidies to the local economy.

In the last decade, however, the interest in independence weakened. The reasons are obvious: the experience of the region has shown that independence is not only not brought the expected prosperity, but also led to economic decline and political chaos. In 1999, the independent states of the region's average per capita income of US $ 1,129. In the "associated territory" and other formations of semi-he was twice - in 2187 dollars., And in the overseas territories of foreign powers - 22,615 dollars. In other words, in those countries which remained under the yoke of imperialism, the income of 18 (!) times more than in places where islanders enjoy their independence.
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