The Islands of the South Seas


The Islands of the South Seas

  1. Introduction
  2. The Islands
  3. Independence
  4. Economy
  5. Conflicts
The Islands of the South Seas
The situation in the independent states complicate the political conflicts mainly on a national basis. The three largest countries in the region - Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu - went through a period of internal armed conflicts, in all three countries, these collisions can be resumed at any time. Particularly acute situation in Fiji. Approximately half of the population of the islands - a migrant Indians, descendants of workers, once hooked on sugar cane plantations. Indians exceed the indigenous population by education and income, and virtually monopolized the business and skilled trades. Indigenous Fijians, on the contrary, the political control of the structure and the army, a very large scale in the region. The result of this situation is predictable: since 1987 the island has experienced several military coups. The military came to power, begin pursuit of the Indians. Indians leave or close down their businesses, but it leads to a deterioration of the economic situation, since replaced by the Indians indigenous people can not. As a result, everything is back to normal - until the next coup.

Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands conflicts are basically "inner" and relate to the traditional rivalry between local ethnic groups, as well as migration between islands. However, this does not make the situation more stable. Both states are periodically in a state of civil war, and a few times it came to sending the islands "limited contingent" Australian or Papuan "internationalists" (though, Papua - New Guinea, Vanuatu acted on the request of Australia and Canberra for the money).

What will happen next? Most likely, nothing good is not waiting for the region. It is unlikely that the island will attract serious investors, although two or three areas, perhaps, be able to capitalize on any projects. Completely adrift island donors also do not quit - not now such times. However, the region could again be at the center of strategic confrontation - this time between China and the West. The first signs of this turn of events has emerged: China has a station satellite tracking and electronic intelligence in Kiribati, in a pleasant proximity to the US missile range in the Marshall Islands. In this case, some stakeholders will be much more generous. In general, the changes can not be expected: ocean, coral, clean sand and poverty...
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