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Hula dance
Dancers can be both men and women, but the singers were certainly men. In the song (mele) tells a story and dance highlights some special lines choreographic movements. Movement male dancers were sharper and dancing girls differ by more smoothness.With the arrival of the missionaries to the islands in the early XX century, the role of dance began to change. Protestant missionaries declared pagan dance, and soon it was banned. Missionaries condemned the dance itself, is not enough dressed dancers and polytheism (worship of many gods). Missionaries pushed even the royal family to ensure that they also stopped practicing dance. Since hula dance was performed in secret and handed down from generation to generation.

Currently held annually two important events in the world of hula: first festival is called "Merry Monarch Festival» (Merrie Monarch Festival), during which compete separately for men and women team of dancers. During this festival Miss Aloha Hula is selected. Another event is a competition in traditional dance hula and Kamehameha contest singers, held every June.

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